On behalf of the persecuted Church in India, I would like to thank you for subscribing to the Voice Of The Christians magazine by which you have pledged to stand with the persecuted Christians. I praise God for opening your heart to stand with the persecuted! The VOTC has a simple and inspiring way for you to be a big blessing in a small way! By clicking the ‘A Gift For The Persecuted’ link, you have expressed your desire of partnering with the persecuted in their pain and suffering. What a privilege!

This is a unique way to not only bless your friends and family but also introduce and inspire them with brave stories of the persecuted Church in India. The VOTC will also invite you to experience what it’s like to be a Christian living in India and challenge you to genuinely seek God’s face for His persecuted Church. It makes a wonderful and meaningful gift for all special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The VOTC is exclusively devoted and dedicated to the Christians in India who are suffering for the sake of the gospel. 100% of the proceeds that we receive from your yearly subscription is directed towards the upliftment and benefit of our brothers and sisters who are going through trials and hardships for their faith in Jesus Christ. God may have placed us in different continents, countries, and cities, but if you are a Christian, you become a part of their story too. Although nothing could be more valuable than your prayers, this is an effective way in which you could unite with us. Your amount may seem insignificant to you, but to them, it makes a world of a difference!

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Shibu Thomas
Chief Editor
Voice Of The Christians